Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Logie got his hair at last! :o)

My gorgeous boy Logan finally got his fabulous head of hair! I am so pleased with how it turned out. I used 3 shades of silky mohair, all micro rooted and in shades of red and brown. It has a lovely wave to it and while it's lighter than I had intended for him I still think it suits.

Doesn't it make his blue eyes really pop, they are so bright looking now!

I still just love that punam, what a face he has. You just want to squeeze those cheeks! :o)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New baby, Nicholas

This gorgeous little boy is lovely and big, he has the sweetest little hands, I really fell in love with those, I haven't seen another kit made with hands like this. He has a lovely sucky lip, big chubby cheeks and is just, all round, a lovely little baby. Very realistic and nicely floppy.
Just look at those little fingers, and he's wearing my sons outfit from 9 yrs ago!

Lovely veining on his eyelids and he has capilaries on his cheeks

See what I mean about the hands, they are relaxed and sit nicely. Well proportioned and I think I have done the best veining and colouring ever on this little boy.


Now Tom is Hayla!!

Ahh it's just like magic, little Thomas is now Hayla. I have given her a new head of hair, it's fuller, softer and wavier. Looks so natural and has 3 colours in it. She is so petite and sweet, just look at that little mouth. Her blushing all went really well and she is just perfect!